meet team giggle, in their own words!

Keith (co-owner)

When not working as an applied statistician, or teaching at the UW, Keith is either (a) helping out at GDW, (b) dressed as a dog, or (c) walking The Giggle around Magnolia.


Alex likes to listen to music, write, and is learning to cook. His specialty dish is Hagenese. To Alex, inclusion means learning to understand other peoples' perspectives, not only if you have autism, but if you're neurotypical.


Stella just really likes dogs. She is currently studying Visual Arts & Spanish at Seattle U. She believes that inclusion means that we have a space where no one feels marginalized, and everyone comes from a place of understanding.


Michelle, the one with many nicknames! "Inclusion should be a given. We shouldn't have been divided in the first place. Everyone should have the same opportunities as everyone else." 

Likes: video games, nautical/pirate things, animals, music, being creative, costuming, and attending conventions.

Dislikes: magnets and lightning.


Carl likes playing video games and plays unified sports. Unified sports has taught Carl on the different disabilities that are out there and makes him feel included. 

We welcome everybody at Gigglechops. 


Information to follow