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Gigglechops Dog Wash

Sat-Sun: 10am - 7pm

Mon: Closed

Tues-Fri: 12pm - 8pm

Committed to inclusive employment

2809 Thorndyke Ave W, Seattle 98199

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The Story of Gigglechops Dog Wash

See the transformation of the building, becoming GDW!

About Us

Our Mission Statement

We are a self-service dog wash in Seattle committed to providing employment opportunities to people with special needs and learning differences.

Dogs Helping People Help Dogs

20% of annual net revenue from Gigglechops Dog Wash is donated to Brigadoon Service Dogs , a non-profit in Bellingham, WA. Their mission is to provide service dogs for veterans, other adults, and children with physical, developmental, and behavioral health disabilities, to promote a more independent and enriched life.

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Gift cards now available

The perfect gift.... for somebody who owns a dog, and wants to use a self-service dog wash!

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Why the name "Gigglechops"?

It is one of the nicknames for our Golden Retriever, Winston. 

See videos of Winston!

Gigglechops Dog Wash is a proud participant in the Seattle Police Department's "Safe Place" program, providing a safe and secure place for victims of anti-LGBTQ related crimes and harassment.

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Giggle Do's & Giggle Don'ts

Giggle Do

Relax and enjoy the experience! There is no wrong way to wash your dog - just learning experiences. 

Giggle Do

One trick which may be helpful: if your furbaby is an excitable or energetic canine, celebrate by a quick walk around the neighborhood. This can help release nervous energy before bath time.

Giggle Do

Stop by and say hello! If your pupper is nervous about baths then introduce them to us any time, even for a quick stop for a treat and drink of water. Stopping by and walking in and not having a bath helps them associate Gigglechops with fun!

Giggle Don't

Feel bad if your dog is a crybaby or a little high maintenance. Dogs like people learn with practice. We are all in this experience together!

Giggle Don't

Leave your dog unattended. Our canine friends know when we aren't paying attention and can sometimes find themselves getting into trouble. Please bring your doggy on a leash!

Giggle Don't

Please don't forget to bring your doggy poop bags in case your furbaby "takes care of business" on the way. We all want to be good neighbors to our local business and residents.

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